Kitchen Scissors 7 in 1 Tool Stainless Steel Multipurpose Detachable Mighty Shears Scissor with Magnetic Holder, Knife, Cutter, Peeler, Opener, Slicer, Nutcracker

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Product Description


If you are looking for ideal kitchen shears then you have come to the right place.

Our professional multipurpose kitchen scissors deliver impeccable performance in your kitchen as well as outside the kitchen, use it in your daily routine activities, ideal for cutting several thick layers of different material, ergonomically designed soft grip handles are ideal for both right-handed and left-handed people, stainless steel scissors blade with sharp cuts gives the best performance, kitchen shears have beautiful impressive performance and is built to last.

Multifunctional features:

Our meat scissors are used as a multi-functional shear in the kitchen, pinking shears, and even as poultry shears.

  • Cutting herbs.
  • Open packaging cartons and cans.
  • Cutting poultry meat.
  • Removing fish scale.
  • Cutting any meat into certain sized pieces and cutting fruits into specific sizes.
  • Can/Bottle opener and screwdriver- ergonomic, soft-touch, high grip handles for comfortable use.
  • Shears are dishwasher safe.


Heavy duty scissors are made of soft and smooth propylene PP material, right and left handed scissors provide an ergonomic and comfortable grip design, the handle is non slippery, free magnetic storage case protects blades from damage and also protect you and your children from hurting.

  1. Kitchen Scissors
  2. free magnetic storage case


  • Wipe the blade with dry cloth after using. ?Do not use it to cut very hard objects. ?
  • Blades are ultra-sharp use it carefully.
  • Keep your shears away from children.
  • Store the shears in cool and dry place.

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